Monday, October 29, 2007

PLX LoadXtreme Update: Minimum Maintaining Balance

Although I dispose or retail electronic loads, I seldom use my mobile phone since I prefer to use the online loading facility. Last Oct. 24, I needed to use my mobile phone for international messaging so naturally, I turn to my loading account. Unfortunately, I received a message saying that I am below the maintaining balance of Php500.00 for dealers.

Before the said event, LoadXtreme services was unaccessible for about 2 days. I presume the 2 days were used to update LoadXtreme's system to accommodate the recent policy changes. This is my own presumption since I am aware how it is to implement new changes on an existing system. Is my presumption true? Those who have limited or no knowledge at all regarding technical issues, will they understand? Can't LoadXtreme create a redundant system where such changes can be tested such that there will be no downtime on their services?

Well, that's an unannounced policy change again on the part of LoadXtreme. I wonder how many policy changes are they going to implement in the next days.

Full advisory for maintaining balance below. I have not fully digested the contents but I know that the charges applied - Php5.00 for retailers and Php25.00 for dealers - per calenday day that the account is below the maintaining balance is considered exorbitant. Even banks do not charge that much.


To our valued Retailers and Dealers:

Please be advised that starting immediately, the following amount of maintaining balance in your LoadXtreme Load Wallet should be observed to continue availing of our services:

• Retailers – P100

• Dealers – P500

Within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of registration in LoadXtreme, new or prospective Dealers and Retailers will be restricted from dispensing prepaid products against their load wallet when their balances fall below P500 and P100 respectively.

After the 30-day period, Dealers and Retailers shall be allowed to fully use their load wallet balances even when they fall below the minimum maintaining balance requirement. However, a corresponding fee of P5 (for Retailers) and P25 (for Dealers) shall be charged for every calendar day that the load wallet balance is below the required minimum. Should an account reaches zero (0.00) balance, the system will deactivate the said account in the LoadXtreme database after thirty (30) calendar days.

Dealers and Retailers who registered on or before October 26, 2007 and have load wallet balance falling below the required minimum maintaining balance shall be restricted to fully use their load wallet balance until November 5, 2007. After the said date, their balances may be fully accessed and consumed subject to the minimum maintaining balance policy as stated above. This is in view of improving our services to better serve you and our clients.

Please watch out for further announcements.

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