Thursday, November 15, 2007

LoadXtreme Guaranteed Retail Override (GRO) Update

When I joined as LoadXtreme dealers, GRO earnings are reflected real time. When I say real time, earnings from my own retail transactions and that of my retailers are automatically reflected and can be viewed on my online account.

The automatic update has served me well as it keeps me updated on who among the retailers are performing well. I feel somehow more secure that my GRO earnings are really credited into my account. About 3 weeks ago, LoadXtreme decided to implement a weekly account update on GRO earnings of dealers.

When I contacted customer support just a few days after the implementation, the customer support informed me that GRO earnings for the week until Monday will be credited on Wednesdays. My second inquiry as to when GRO earnings will be credited was answered with like "We will inform you when GRO earnings will be implemented because the system is still being tested to be sure that correct GRO earnings will credited." I was waiting for the notice and even checked the main website yet no notice was dispatched.

Since it is Thursday today, I decided to check. GRO earnings were credited. No notice was given, again.

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