Monday, January 15, 2007

Load Xtreme Micro Business Program for Retailers

Start Up Capital: Php 300.00

You get:

  • P30 PLX loads
  • PLX Retailer Card
  • 1 Retailer Quick Guide
  • 1 Product Pricelist
Income Opportunity

Earn Sales Profit from different brands of electronic loads and prepaid products using ONLY ONE SIM (your existing SIM, no need to buy a new SIM) or via WEB

Smart E-load
  • P30 - P3.50 profit
  • P60 - P7.00 profit
  • P115 - P13.00 profit

Globe Autoload
  • P25 - P2.25 profit
  • P50 - P5.50 profit
  • P100 - P11.00 profit

Sun Express Load
  • P30 - P3.00 profit
  • P50 - P5.00 profit
  • P100 - P10.00 profit
  • P150 - P14.00 profit
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Fleur said...

Jhoana, in case you drop by my blog again, please leave your contact number or email so I can help you. You can also ask your dealer for the information you need.

jerwin said...

want to be a loadxteme dealer..

liezl said...

this is liezl im intersted in loading reatiler..pls send me a mail in my email add

crizel said... interested po na maging retailer..where can i avail the retailer card..ung located nearest sa Calamba City (Laguna) po?

carlo_27mahal said...

.i want to join,but i do not have enough knowledge abt. loa xtreme..can u explain it to me,,can u txt me to my no. 09279937844,tnx

Mike said...

I wonder what happened...yesterday i deposited P2100 to reload my load wallet..but only P500 went in. I dont know who to contact about this and what to do. Im worried that my investment was wasted in that instant.

MERS said...

hi! i also want to be ur LoadXtreme Retailer, you can reach me at 0927-6689421. Panu po mag join? thanks!

Property said...

from 0922-8738070 or 0917-8348132: How do we know that we really indeed have P30 PLX load? Sa experience ko, hindi ka makapag-load pag wala kang load sa personal SIM mo... so saan makikita itong 30 PLX load?..... And another question - what's the procedure to have a sub-retailer? u heard it's possible. Thanks!

fheyv2 said...

i will ask the same question with jillfayebayno...>How do we know that we really have P30 PLX load? at bakit nababawasan ang load ng personal sim kada transaction or kada may bibili ng load? parang wala rin yata kikitain d2 e kc un tutubuin e iloload nlng s cp para makpagsend ng load kpag may bibili ng load...dpat tlga merun nlng sub-retailer pra mas maganda!

Fleur said...

@Property and fheyv2, use the command LX balance or if you have internet access, you may login to your account.

Nababawasan ang load kasi text message ang ginamit mo. It is advise therefore that you subscribe to unlitxt for your business. May iba-iba namang gateway so pwede kang pumili kong anong pinakamurang unlitxt sa isang buwan ang gamitin mo. Or, use the internet. Iyong P30 PLX load mo ay nakastore sa system ng LoadXtreme. Kailangan mo munang i-issue iyong command to transfer from LoadXtreme to your account/SIM para magamit mo pagtext or pangcall. Again, the P30 PLX load is different from P30 load

Iyong subretailer, please refer to the guides given to you by your upline or from whom you got your access cards/number. May detailed discussion po doon pati income illustration.

MC said...

Naglo-load po ba kayo online? Retailer po kasi ako. Kaso lahat ng mga customers ko are from online and they pay me via PayPal. Yung dealer ko naman, nag stop na sa pagpapa load online.

Eh tanong ko lang po if naglo-load kau ng retailer ng iba? Interested po ako and I will pay via PayPal. Salamat po!

Kidnly email me at so I know what you think. Thanks.