Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LoadXtreme Retailer Kit Free P30 Load Replaced

In line with Portal Innovation Company's (LoadXtreme) continous improvement providing quality service to its members, the original Free Php30.00 for every retailer kit is being replaced.

A copy of the announcement posted on LoadXtreme's website is posted below for reference.

To add more value and long term benefits to Dealers and Retailers, we would like to announce that effective October 1, 2007, all FREE 30 PLX loads contained in every unregistered Retailer kit shall be removed and will be replaced by Merchant Tie-up Discounts.

It should be taken into consideration that the FREE 30 PLX loads that are automatically loaded each time a Retailer account is registered, is originally intended to let the new Retailers test the system with regards to capability to dispense loads. And since LoadXtreme is already in its third year (since October 2004) and Portal has been providing universal loads for more than four years already, the original purpose of the FREE load has already been met. LoadXtreme has reached its maturity and its technology has shown its reliability when it comes to dispensing loads.

As a replacement to the FREE loads, Marketing is already finalizing the list of Merchant tie-ups that would entitle each card-carrying member to outright discounts from participating products and services.

The merchant tie-ups would provide long term benefits to LoadXtreme members as discounts far outweigh the one-time benefit brought by the FREE 30 PLX test load.

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