Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VMobile / LoadXtreme Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of LoadXtreme Frequently Asked Questions as of July 2011

1. What is LoadXtreme?

LoadXtreme is the first universal prepaid loading station that gives unlimited Prepaid discounts to registered members and let them earn additional income by introducing the program to their family, friends. Its a business that can be done anywhere and anytime even if a person does not own a mobile phone.

2. What is VMobile Technologies Inc. (VMobile)?
VMobile Technologies Inc. (VMobile) was established in April 2008 as the latest addition to PentaCapital Group of Companies. PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing, especially for BOT/BLT projects, real estate, leisure and infrastructure projects. PentaCapital received its license from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in 2006 to engage in trust, fiduciary and investment management services.

The inception of VMobile is a renewed commitment to ensure stability and address the growth requirement of LoadXtreme®. Originally dubbed as Universal Prepaid Loading System (or UPLoadSSM), the service offering was later introduced to the public as LoadXtreme® after a successful evaluation and acceptance by subscribers. It is one of the time-tested and proven features of the mobile commerce platform developed by the founding and present technical development team of VMobile.

Following the success of the LoadXtreme® program, VMobile is now venturing into the wellness industry by forming another division, the Xtreme Wellness. VMobile has partnered with Nature Ceuticals Corporation, a company that provides quality products that are beneficial to one’s health; promotes healthy lifestyle; and practices Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Together with Nature Ceuticals Corporation, VMobile aims to distribute wellness products to the market through its increasing network of dealers and retailers.

3. What is a TechnoUser / retailer?
VMobile TechnoUser / retailer enjoys discount from using VMobile products and earns additional income through eloading.
4. What is TechnoPreneur / dealer?
VMobile TechnoPreneur / dealer. Through the TechnoPreneur package, a TechnoPreneur can have his own TechnoUsers from which he can earn additional income for every sale transaction of his TechnoUsers.

Ang isang dealer na may isang Technopreneur kit ay pwedeng magkaroon ng 20 retailers / technousers. Kapag 2 ang kit nya ay pwedeng magkaroon ng 40 retailers, etc. Ang isang dealer ay maaring kumita ng 1-3% sa bawat benta ng kanyang mga retailers / technousers?
4. How to join VMobile or LoadXtreme / Paano sumali sa LoadXtreme?
Just pay the corresponding package / kit for TechnoUser or TechnoPreneur to any registered TechnoPreneur (dealer) LIKE ME to get your ID and Subscriber Activation Code (SAC).

Bayaran lamang ang halaga ng package / kit na gusto sa rehistradong dealer na kagaya ko para makuha ang ID at Subscriber Activation Code (SAC).
5. Why should I pay for the TechnoUser or TechnoPreneur kit?
Paying for the package or kit will allow you unlimited access to use the VMobile system to conduct eloading business.
6. How much does a kit cost / Magkano ang dapat bayaran?

The Technouser kit costs P250.00

The TechnoPreneur Fast Track Package costs Php3,988.00.

A TechnoPreneur may also purchase Tripack (3 TechnoPreneur Fast Track Package) to earn more.

7. How to pay for the kit/package / Paano ko babayaran ang kit?

Kits can be paid through bank deposit (BDO, LBP) WesternUnion. Bank details will be provided by me when you finally decide to join and are now ready to deposit the payment.

Personal meetings are also entertained after office hours (within the vicinities of Baclaran to Ortigas MRT) or during weekends preferably Saturdays (Robinson Ortigas) but with prior notice since I do have my own personal businesses to attend to.

Pwedeng ideposito ang bayad sa bangko kung hindi kayo pwedeng makipagkita ng personal sa akin dahil malayo ang lugar niyo or wala kayong oras. Hingin ang detalye kung saan idedeposito ang bayad kung handa na kayong magbayad. Pwede rin akong tumanggap ng bayad sa Paypal.

8. What are the contents of the kit?

TechnoUser kit contains

  • LX Access/Discount Card
  • 1 Retailer Quick Guide
  • 1 Product Pricelist
More details about TechnoUser here

TechnoPreneurDealers kit contains:

  • LX Dealer TechnoPreneur Card
  • 20 TechnoUser Kits worth P250.00 each (total amount of P5,000.00)
  • 3 Smart SIM cards
  • 3 Product Guides
  • 2 pcs. VMobile Tarpaulin

More details about TechnoPreneur here.

9. How much personal discount can I get as a TechnoUser / TechnoPreneur/ LoadXtreme user?

LoadXtreme users/members/retailers/dealers can get 10% to 13% discount on every personal load transaction depending upon the product used. The discount becomes earning once LoadXtreme is treated as business.

10. That's it? No more other earnings for me?

TechnoPreneur / Dealer gets additional P500 earning when another dealer joins his group. For every 2 dealers that join his group, an additional P500 is earned, a total of P1500 earning for every 2 dealers.

A dealer also earns additional 1% to 3% for every sale transaction of his retailers.
11. Can I join LoadXtreme even if I will not sell prepaid products?

Yes. You can use LoadXtreme benefits for personal discounts only. For example, you will only pay P270 for a P300 Smart load or P285 for a P300 Globe load. That's P30 or P15 savings.

12. Is there a monthly quota?

13. What SIM can I use for LoadXtreme transactions? What network?
Any actively used SIM can be used for LoadXtreme transactions. You can use Smart, Globe, Sun, Red Mobile, Talk N Txt, etc.

14. Do I need to buy a new SIM?

No. You can use your old SIM.

15. Will I receive a new SIM when I join LoadXtreme?

No if you purchase the TechnoUser kit. You will receive 3 new SIMS if you purchase the TechnoPreneur package but you can still use your own, old SIM to do business.

16. Can my father, mother, sister, brother, husband, children or wife also sell prepaid products simultaneously?

17. If I lost my SIM, is my Load Wallet lost too?
No. Once your SIM is lost, change your PIK immediately in order to block access to your VMobile account.

18. How much does a TechnoPreneur / LoadXtreme dealer earns?

A TechnoPreneur / LoadXtreme dealer earns 1% to 3% for every load transaction of his TehnoUsers / retailers. A LoadXtreme dealer also earns a minimum of Php500.00 for every TechnoPreneur package sold.

19. How can I replenish my LoadXtreme load wallet?

LoadXtreme load wallet can be replenished via deposits through designated banks and sending the corresponding SMS command. You can find the list of banks and bank accounts in the guide that will be provided to you when you join. Keep the bank receipt after you deposit. You will be needing it to inform VMobile that you have deposited for your load wallet.

The quick guide also contains the procedure and SMS command/text to send after you have deposited so your load wallet can be replenished.

LoadXtreme load wallet can also be replenished through transfer from LoadXtreme dealers.

20. Is there an expiry of my LoadXtreme load wallet?


21. Is there a required minimum deposit for LoadXtreme load wallet?

Bank deposits must NOT be less than Php500.00.
22. After joining, how do I proceed with my eloading business?
A product guide, quick guide and price list will be provided in your kit. Follow the SMS command and send it to your designated gateway.

You can also conduct eloading through the internet using the VMobile / LoadXtreme loading facility.
23. What is a gateway number?
A gateway number is a mobile number designated where you will send the SMS commands of your transaction. A Smart, Globe and Sun gateway numbers are available that is very much in favor for TechnoUsers / TechnoPreneurs who are enjoying unlitxt services.

Gateway numbers are also written in the Quick Guide.

Save your gateway numbers in your mobile phone so you will not lose it.
24. There are many SMS commands. I can't memorize them all. Any tips on how to make my eloading easier?
You can save the SMS commands in your mobile phone as message or a template but do not include your PIK. Edit or forward it when you have a transaction to include your pIK ajd the product to be sold.

Keeping a price list with you all the time is also advisable. Remember that this business can be done anywhere, anytime. You'll never know when the opportunity to have a sale comes knocking. :)
25. Nababawasan ba ang personal load ko kapag nag eloading ako gamit ang celfon o internet?
Yes, nababawan ang personal load mo kapag celfon ang ginamit kaya mas maganda kung naka unlitxt ka.

Kapag internet ang ginamit mo, walang bawas.

26. Paano magload sa internet?
Kapag member ka na, pwede mo ng gamitin ang online loading facility ng LoadXtreme.
27. Paano ko makikita ang mga transaction at kita ko?
Kapag member ka na, makakapasok ka na sa website ng LoadXtreme. Dito mo makikita ang mga transactions na nangyayari sa account mo kasama na ang kita sa bawat benta ng mga retailers mo kung ikaw ay dealer.

28. Where is your office / Saan ang opisina mo?
Ang opisina ng VMobile ay nasa Ortigas.
29.What are the requirements to join / Ano ang mga kailangan para sumali?
Just pay the kit (P250 for retailer, P3988 for dealer/technopreneur) through BDO bank deposit or through personal meeting. After confirmation of payment, your account will activated by me. Optional additional deposit is P500 for the minimum initial load wallet.

Provide the following for the registration of your account: full name, address, birthday, email and the mobile number you will be using for your eloading business.
30. I want to join. How can I contact you?
You may leave a comment on any post here with your email address or contact information. Please include your name and location, the package your are interested with (retailer or dealer), and YM and availability if you have many questions.

You can contact me through the following (personal number / YM)

Mobile Number: 63 919 636 0832 (Smart)

Yahoo Messenger : exchanger05 (please include name, location and mention VMobile when adding me)


lynn said...

Question: Kung may existing load ako na pangbenta say ung globe, may lamn pa pang benta ng load, pwede ko bang mgamit un gamit ko ung gateway number para makapagbenta ng product ng v mobile?
kung magreregister ako using mobile phones, kaninong phone ang dapat gamitin para mkapagregister ng techno user?
saan ko makukuha ung pik na ibibigay ko sa aking technouser kung sakaling iregister ko na sya?

Fleur said...

Lynn, ang VMobile load wallet ay pwedeng pangbenta ng kahit anong load. Kahit 50 na lang ang natira sa load wallet mo, pwede mo pa rin itong hatiin at ibenta sa Smart, Sun, Globe, etc hanggang kasya. Kagaya ng P50, pwedeng Smart 15 at Globe 25.

Ang VMobile lang naman ang may tinatawag na gateway number kaya kung ito ang gagamitin mo para makapagbenta ng kahit anong load.

Kung ikaw ay technopreneur or dealer, may hawak kang mga access cards. Ito ay may ID at SAC na ibibigay mo sa iyong technouser. Ang kanyang sariling celfon ang gagamitin para makapagregister para makuha ang PIK nya.

whimsyzone said...

What if kong gusto kong kuhanin ung pera ko as technopreneur or dealer, ung mga tubo saan ko ito kukuhanin? at mayroon po b sariling account un n nkapangalan sa akin?

Fleur said...

Ang discount sa bawat sale ay naiiwan sa load wallet. For example, nagbenta ka ng eload na P300, ang mababawas lang sa load wallet mo ay P270. Iyong P30 na discount ang pinakatubo mo or kita mo, at nagiging part na ng load wallet mo na pwede mo ulit ibenta. So, basically iyon di mo na kailangang kunin kasi automatic na itong pumapasok sa load wallet mo.

Oo, may sarili kang account. Ma-aaccess mo ito online gamit ang ID at PIK na makukuha mo kapag nakaregister ka na.

raine said...

hello.. pano po ba magload sa sarili mong cp number?? and anu po ba ung piso incremental ota loads???

Karen said...

hello po.. im a new technopreneur. i replenished my technouser's loadwallet with P300. I used the transfer command as suggested by my co-technopreneur. So my loadwallet was deducted by P300 also.. Isn't it more profitable if i have used the usual loading procedure, the LX LOAD anyway there's a code for smartloadwallet? If only i've used that i would have been deducted by only P270 from which i would have gained P30? Please tell me..

Mary June said...

How and where can technousers take their earnings? Is it through banks or by checks? And do technousers have their own accounts in loadxtreme.ph and mylx.biz? I heard the mylx.biz are for technopreneurs only.

Loida said...

alo poh sir, di ba pag member ba poh aq eh pde q na poh akong maglod ng smartload load wallet kahit hindi naka member ng vmobile ung number na loloadan q poh? like ung sa store poh..

Loida said...

alo... pde poh ako maglod ng smartload wallet sa hindi naka member ng VMOBILE as my retailer?

Unknown said...

hi, can i ask something..hope u can help me.
Dealer po ako pero huminto ako for certain problems. Gusto ko sanang bumalik sa pag dedealer pero nakalimutan ko na PIK ko.anu gagawin ko? plz help me..

Unknown said...

Nakalimutan ko PIK ko..paano ko magagamit ang ID ko? plz help me..

Fleur said...

@raine, para maloadan mo ang sarili mong celfon, gamitin mo lang iyong standard na LX LOAD SMS command ng VMobile at ilagay ang cp number mo.

Iyong incremental OTA loads ay iyong papiso-pisong benta ng GLOBE

Fleur said...

@Karen, the Smartloadwallet is the SMART load without expiry. It is different from the VMobile load wallet that can be retailed or sold to customers. You can only replenish VMobile loadwallet through the LX TRANSFER, or via deposit through banks.

Fleur said...

@Mary June, technouser's earnings become part of their load wallet.

They have their own account at loadxtreme.ph but none on mylx.biz. Use your ID and PIK to log-in at loadxtreme.ph to monitor your account's transactions.

Mylx.biz is for tehcnopreneurs only.

Fleur said...

@Loida, kahit hindi member ng VMobile ng loloadan mo, pwede mong loadan ng Smart load wallet. Pero iyong binebenta nating Smart load wallet ay iyong non-expiry load, hindi ito iyong pangbenta ng Smart.

Fleur said...

@Unknown, please use the Contact Us form at loadxtreme.ph and state your concerns.

You may request that your PIK be sent to your registered mobile number, if you are still using the same number.

Akim said...

Nawala ko ung resibo ko pagdeposit ko. Can I request another receipt from the bank?

jhoe said...

hi!pano mglog in ulit ung account q s online,.dati nkakapsok aq now hindi na invalid n ung ID no. and PIK.
pero pg online loading pede xa gmitin,.pls help!!ASAP


Fleur said...

@jhoe, you might be logging on the wrong page. try this one, http://loadxtreme.ph/new/index.html

Fleur said...

@jhoe, when was the last time you did eloading? if you can load online and through your cel, then your ID and PIK are valid.

Have you tried logging in using a different PC?

arman said...

hi.gusto ko sanang mgload sa online gaming cards.paano ako mglload doon? thanks

arman said...

hello!gusto ko sanang mgload sa mga online gaming cards.paano po mgload sa mga ganun?thanks

Fleur said...

hi arman, thanks for dropping by.
are you already a registered VMobile retailer or dealer? If not yet, then be sure to register first.
After your registration, you will be provided with guides on how to load online gaming cards.

shahj said...

ask lng po kong pwede ba akong mgdeposit sa ibang banko(Land Bank) para sa LX loadwallet ko...malayo kac sa amin ang designated bank(BDO, Union Bank, Etc.)

Thnx po...

Fleur said...

@shahj, pwede kang magdeposit sa Unionbank, Metrobank, BDO at BPI. Pwede rin through Smart Money. Pakicheck iyong binigay sa iyong quick guide noong sumali ka para sa mga account numbers

shahj said...

hi po preho po kmi ng probs ni jhoe...d ko po makita young mga transactions ko via net khit gamit ko http://loadxtreme.ph/new/index.html... pero nakaka pasok po ako sa menu page gamit ang ID at PIK ko at nakakapag-load din...na try ko na po sa ibang p.c. pero ganun pa rin po...

Help me plz...


Fleur said...

Subukan mo gumamit ng ibang browser. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, try mo IE or vice versa.

OK naman access ko so wala sa site ang problem.

shahj said...

tnx po kta ko na po trnsctions ko gamit ang mozilla

thnx po ulit...

Ronnel said...

Hindi po ba ako mababawasan ng load every sending through gatway if i load unlitxt? at may komisyon po ba ako if i transfer load wallet through co-techno user?

Fleur said...

@Ronnel, parang regular txt lang yan so walang bawas if nakaunlitxt ka.

Technopreneur lang ang pwedeng magtransfer ng loadwallet. Pero kahit technopreneur walang komisyon pag nagtransfer, may bawas pa nga sa technopreneur's load wallet kapag nagtransfer ng below 500.

Ronnel said...

Thank you sa info, meron pa po ako tanong mama ko kasi yung technopreneur from dubai and sakin pinabebenta dito sa pilipinas yung techno registration cards, kung makakabenta ako may komisyon din ba ako?

Fleur said...

If galing sa VMobile, wala.
If galing sa mama mo ang komisyon, depende na iyon sa usapan niyo if bibigyan ka nya.

ciayra said...

pano ba? na wrong send po ako dapatalreadsy registered na eloload ko kaso epin na send ko pano po ba un eloload ng bumili

Fleur said...

Depende sa product. Pero same way in registering or loading as if he/she bought a prepaid card, either through call or text.

j0anne08 said...

hi! gud pm. may question lang ako. magreregister pa lang kasi ako. ang gagamitin ko na sim eh naka line sa sun. may bayad ba ung kada benta ko ng load transaction sa ibang customer? kasi dko mamomonitor kung may extra bayad ung gnun hanggang hindi pa dumadating ang bill ko sa sun. thanks.

Fleur said...

If naka unlimited txt ka sa sun joanne, walang problema kasi ang gateway naman din na gagamitin mo ay sun.