Wednesday, December 20, 2006

E-Loading Business: Load Xtreme

Today's economy forces us not to depend on our meager salary. With the increasing prices of goods and services, we need to grab the right opportunities in order to save. We also aim for financial freedom and experts advice that a person must be an entrepreneur or a businessman. But capital is always the hindrance.

With Load Extreme e-loading business, you can start your business with a very minimal capital. Using only 1 sim, you can load several networks like Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk n Txt and Touch Mobile. Even gaming cards and PLDT products are included. Another advantage is that you can carry your business wherever you go.

You can choose between being a dealer or retailer only. A dealer earns a lifetime income from his retailers and additional multiple earnings if a dealer chooses to introduce the business to others. A retailer gets from 5% to 25% earnings for every e-load transaction.

If you want to know more about the business, I will be glad to schedule a business meeting with you.

*If you refer another person and that person successfully sign-up for dealership, you will receive a referral commission of Php500.00. So, start telling your friends about this opportunity. If you have the capacity to become a dealer, you will earn more than Php500.00 so join now before your friends and place them under your wings :)

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