Saturday, December 23, 2006

Business Strategy: Load Xtreme E-loading

Last night, I was thinking how can I motivate my Load Xtreme retailers and help them increase the P500.00 or P1,000.00 initial capital they have. Then I came up with this idea which I myself will be using.

Most loading business, particularly e-loading, automatically converts the earning for every transaction as load wallet. With the automatic conversion, retailers do not have an immediate way of knowing how much they have earned so far. They lost track of how much they have earned so far. What I will be presenting is aimed on seeing that your initial capital have really earned a decent income, more than what an ordinary savings can.

As a dealer and a retailer of Load Xtreme, we are provided with an online account. Through my online account, I can trace the transactions entered into by my retailers. I can also trace all my transactions; transferring of loads to my retailers/other retailers and fellow dealers, retails, commissions/rebates received. For other retailers that do not have a regular access to the internet, keeping a small notebook where all transactions are listed is recommended.

With the information at hand, a transaction summary for a particular period is readily available. This is what you will do everytime you replenish your load wallet. Compute the gross income since the time you last replenished your load wallet. The result is the amount that a retailer must load into his wallet.

Taking an example, with initial capitalization of P815.00.




Retailer’s Price






















Take note of the following:

  1. The retailer has already received a total payment of P815.00 so that amount should be available. If you spent the money, replace it to protect your small business from bancruptcy :)
  2. The P88.25 profit for P815.00 is still in the system. This amount is ready for retailing.
  3. Adding additional P815.00 to the available load wallet will prepare the retailer for the next cycle.
  4. Total capital/load wallet: P815.00 + P88.25 = P903.75
  5. Your capital for the next retailing cycle is P903.75. Whatever gross sale you will generate before your next replenishment date will be deposited again.
With the above example, the retailer was able to transact a total of P815.00. This must also be the amount to be deposited again. In business, discipline is necessary. Capital or Deposit maybe increased but do not decrease it. With this method, the power of compounding is being used. The P88.25 profit will be also earning on the next cycle because it is now a part of the capital.

Small or no capital is not a reason to give up on business. Many big businesses had small beginnings. Let your small business can grow into a big one with proper management and handling.

Start your business with Load Xtreme!!!

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