Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to Load Sun Prepaid Cards

Sometimes, you can't help but use a prepaid card instead of having the automatic loading offered by retailers. And then, you realize you don't know how to do it. I myself always search for the how to load sun prepaid card. As a reminder to myself, I am posting this now for me and for others who might need this.

To load Sun prepaid cards, you can choose from two convenients ways.

1. Via text confirmation
Dial *220#
Dial the 9-digit call card number and the 5-digit PIN then # sign.
Press SEND.
(Ensure that there are no spaces between characters)

2. Via voice instructions
Dial 220 and press SEND
Wait and follow the prompt
Key in the 9-digit call card number and 5-digit PIN
A voice will inform you of your updated balance.

You may want to confirm your balance after loading
Simply dial *221# then press SEND to receive a text update on your regular load balance

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rebie relator said...

..thanks much for this. big help! loaded my sis and she had 24hours difficulty in knowing what to do with it because i'm suppose to just send the usual eload. ;))