Saturday, June 30, 2012

LoadXtreme Tripack Technopreneur Package

What is a LoadXtreme Tripack Technopreneur Package?

It is a package that contains 3 Technopreneur packages. Its price is 3 x P3,988.00 = P11,964.00

So, why would anyone purchase a tripack instead of a single pack?

A technopreneur pack contains 20 retailers kits, 3 product guides, 3 Smart sims, 2 small tarpaulins and VMobile paper bag. Multiply the contents by 3 and you have a tripack BUT...

In addition to the regular contents of a technopreneur package, 20 retailer access cards will be added. A retailer access card can be sold as much as P250.00 each. For 20 additional retailer access cards at a maximum of P250 each, that's about P5,000 or less additional income or discount depending on your point of view. BUT...

 On top of that, you'll get P500 x 2 = P1000 as direct sales incentives for the 2 additional technopreneur package PLUS P500 team sales bonus. A total of P1500 additional income or discount depending on your point of view..

That's about P6,500 of additional income or discount when you purchase a LoadXtreme Tripack Technopreneur Package. That's a value-added that must not be missed.

Insufficient funds or puhunan? Invite 2 of your friends and share this opportunity with them.

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