Saturday, February 11, 2012

VMobile/LoadXtreme Loading Tips

Here are some of the steps or tips I can share to fellow VMobile members

  1. Be sure to follow the correct format in your SMS commands. No extra spaces, no extra slashes. Most of the time, it's on the syntax why there is a delay in the crediting of load wallet.
  2. The bank branch should be the branch where the deposit was made. I received many inquiries on why their load wallets have not yet arrived. Do not place ADB Ortigas Ave for the branch if you did not deposit at ADB Ortigas Ave.
  3. If your mobile phone is secure, save the commands and just edit them when you have customer or when you need to request reload. You may leave out first the PIK if you are not the only user of your mobile phone.
  4. If you deposit at the same bank for your load wallet, save the request reload on your mobile phone to save you time or lessen the possibility of committing an error when sending request reload SMS.
  5. Anticipate and deposit a day before your load wallet becomes insufficient. Sometimes, although the balance are updated real time, details on the online account are not automatically updated causing the delay in the verification of your deposits, thus, also the delay in crediting.
  6. I prefer using the internet when eloading.

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