Sunday, February 5, 2012

VMobile M-Power SIM Now Available to Registered Users

I do most of my eloading transactions online so I have not really put much attention to the announcement that VMobile M-Power SIM is now available to registered users. I only got curious when, while waiting for the business orientation seminar to start, I heard another VMobile member shared his experience in using the SIM.

It is a fact that to be able to use VMobile, you need to be familiar with the product codes. With the VMobile M-Power SIM, the menu which is similar to that of traditional loader SIMs is already available reducing the hassle of eloading. I wonder why VMobile had taken so long before they introduced this feature.

How much is the cost of VMobile M-Power SIM?
If you are to purchase from the main office (not sure if this is available at the IBCs), it only costs P50. Cheap right? It is just like buying a new ordinary SIM. If you do not have the means to visit the main office, then you can only purchase online for P150 including delivery charge. Proxy buying at the main office is not allowed.

What do you need to know about the VMobile M-Power SIM?
The SIM is permanently tagged to a specific member ID. Any VMobile transactions using this SIM such as eloading, load wallet transfer, etc. will be reflected to the account of the tagged member.

Are members required to purchase VMobile-powered SIM?
No. It is the option of the members whether they purchase or use the VMobile-powered SIM or continue using their old SIMs. Or use both.

How to purchase VMobile M-Power SIM?
Be sure you have at least P150 in your load wallet before purchasing. P50 will be for the SIM and P100 for the delivery charge

  1. Log on to your online account using your Member ID and PIK.
  2. Under Main Menu -> Navigation Tools, click the 'Shopping Cart' option.
  3. Select 'VMobile SIM' from the Products List by clicking 'Add'.
  4. Click 'Check-out now' icon when you are satisfied with your order.
  5. Fill out the information needed. Confirm that your delivery address details are accurate for hassle-free delivery. Mobile number information is also mandatory.
  6. Click 'Finalize' button to confirm transaction. A reference number will be provided and sent to your email address.

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