Thursday, September 1, 2011

LoadXtreme / VMobile Change Mobile Number

I received several queries on how they can request PIK if they already changed their mobile numbers so I asked the customer service.

If the mobile number of a retailer has changed and has forgotten the PIK, where can the scanned copy of ID and request to change mobile number and resend PIK be sent?

If you can not personally visit the main office, here is another way.


For change of mobile number, we need you to provide us a letter of request with signature and a copy of valid ID with signature of the original owner.

Changes will be made within the day. You may email it at or fax it at (632)7063818. Then we will send the PIK code through your new registered mobile number.

Thank You

Best Regards,
LoadXtreme Customer Welfare Associate

Sample request letter below:

I would like to request change in mobile number to _____(new mobile number) __________ for LoadXtreme/VMobile ID ____(ID - if forgotten, ask your Dealer) _________ . Also, please send PIK to this new mobile number.

Kind of short, right? Well, you can improve the above request but basically it contains all the info needed.

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