Friday, June 13, 2008

PLX LoadXtreme Under New Management

Here is the latest update from PLX LoadXtreme.

Last June 2, 2008, I received an SMS message from PLX LoadXtreme

Good news! LoadXtreme is back and is now under the management of VMobile Technologies Inc., owned by a leading investment banking company. Migrate your account now!

Since I need to use my mobile phone in migrating to the new account, I put it off at first. After a few days, I was cleaning my inbox when I remembered that I have not migrated yet my account.

I first visited the site and read some of the updates
LoadXtreme now under New Management
VMobile Technologies Incorporated— a subsidiary of Penta Capital Group of companies now runs LoadXtreme. The owners and management of Portal Innovations Corporation (Portal) recently signed an agreement with Penta Capital to finance the new beginning and continuity of the LoadXtreme® business operations nationwide.

Under the new management, the high technology Universal Prepaid Loading System will run under the best in financial management.

I have already migrated my account using the command



Send the message to 0921-5500078 (Smart) or 0916-7534744 (Globe)

Migration was successful. Bad news is my account balance is still in 0 (zero)...

Another update on next post...


elbert said...

What investment banking company, so that we can check the background?

Fleur said...

Based on the post, it is VMobile Technologies Incorporated under Penta Capital Group of companies.