Friday, June 13, 2008

Latest announcement of PLX LoadXtreme, now VMobile

Although I have already my old account to a new VMobile LoadXtreme account, I am still contemplating when and if I will replenish my load wallet. It is a fact that I still have remaining load wallet on my old account. Unfortunately, it will be again credited back to my new account in the form of refunds.

While weighing the pros and cons...

Here is the latest announcement at PLX LoadXtreme website.

Migration to VMobile LoadXtreme

Experience the VMobile LoadXtreme difference. Here are the mechanics on how to migrate to the best LoadXtreme ever. It's so easy!

Registered Portal LoadXtreme retailers and dealers may opt to reactivate their account under the new VMobile LoadXtreme by sending the following SMS command to 0921-5500078 (Smart) or 0916-7534744 (Globe):


Note: The telco parameter only allows either SMART, GLOBE, TNT, TM or SUN options. Make sure that your cellphone’s number matches the proper Telco choice.

Example: PLX VMOB 5433558765/112233/SMART

Upon successful processing of your request, you will receive a notification that your account has been migrated to the new LoadXtreme. You will also be notified of your new gateway assignment. Please save it in your phonebook for your future use. Please replace the previous SMS command prefix 'PLX' with the new ‘LX’ keyword prefix (example: PLX LOAD should now be LX LOAD; PLX REG should now be LX REG, etc.).

The cellphone number you will use for migration or reactivation will be registered as the default cellphone. It will be included in the list of allowed cell numbers in your authorized cellphone access list (ACL). You can modify your ACL by logging in into your account at

By sending the PLX VMOB command, you are signifying your agreement to the new terms and conditions of LoadXtreme under VMobile. When qualified, you are further agreeing that any outstanding loadwallet credits will be temporarily held as Loadwallet Repayment Fund (LRF) and shall become a liability to you by Portal Innovations Corporation (PIC). The LRF fund shall be repaid by PIC thru VMobile LoadXtreme.

All registered dealers of Portal LX may migrate to the new VMobile LX until July 15, 2008 (no extension period)
Dealership Accounts registered under Portal LX that will not be migrated to the VMobile LX after the cut-off date will no longer be granted access to the LX system (including view access of account information using the Virtual Office) except when qualified to receive repayment of LoadWallet.

Only individuals who have successfully migrated their Dealership Accounts to the VMobile LX shall be allowed to participate in the optional myLX program (formerly D2D).

Previous D2D Accounts are not honored as qualification to participate in the new myLX Program

No LX Dealership, No myLX Account

Migrate now and experience the VMobile LoadXtreme difference.

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