Sunday, January 13, 2008

LoadXtreme Update: Ortigas Office Currently Closed

If you are reading this blog, then the three (3) most probable reasons you are here are

  1. you want to join LoadXtreme as a retailer or a dealer
  2. you want to know when will LoadXtreme resume its operation
  3. you want a reimbursement of your LoadXtreme loadwallet/deposits/investments
If you want to join LoadXtreme, this is not the best time to join the company.

The operation of LoadXtreme suddenly stopped last November 2007 and according to LoadXtreme staff, this is due to system upgrades, etc. and the operation will resume December 2007.

An update was made on December 2008 stating that operation will resume January 2008 instead of December 2007 which was initially announced.

Since I have been busy with other personal matters until now, I just waited for the SMS message which was promised to be sent once operation will resume.

A transaction in the vicinity of Ortigas prompted me to visit the LoadXtreme office located at the 9th Floor of Galleria Corporate Center. I found the previously busy LoadXtreme office closed with only the security guard stationed outside the office taking in names of visitors.

I noticed that most number of reason for visiting is "Reimbursement of Money".

The security guard does not have a definite answer as to when the office will be opened again or whether reimbursement will still be made.


jnjy said...

I myself am a retailer. I've been wanting to know what happened to Portal. Good thing you can inform us at least that their office is closed.

It gets more scary everyday..

Jason Santiago said...

what these people are doing is ILLEGAL.. i think we retailers should band together so that we can file a GROUP LAWSUIT. the reason these people are doing this is because we let them. we should SUE them for every penny they've got to teach them a lesson..

Fleur said...

Jason, you are right. I also received feedbacks that some had recently deposited for their load wallet. Their accounts should be closed/frozen such that nobody will be able to deposit money.

andy said...

hi, i agree that the best way to teach them a lesson is to file a case against them. But how could we do that? i invested 16,000 pesos for nothing and im really piss off