Thursday, December 20, 2007

LoadXtreme Update: Service to Resume on January 2008

A previous advisory was made that normal operation will resume first week of December. For those who are still waiting for LoadXtreme to resume normal operation, here is the latest update from the main website

Portal Innovations Corporation’s LoadXtreme program will resume its normal prepaid product distribution thru its 3-tier network (MD-Dealer-Retailer) on January 2008 as opposed to an earlier announced 1st week of December 2007.

As much as we would like to push through to resume normal operations within 1st week of December, there are several things that should be considered and resolved including legal aspects and policies since the inclusion of a new business partner.

Rest assured that after Loadxtreme resume its normal service, several improvements will take effect so as to deliver a premium prepaid product distribution service. These improvements will focus towards strengthening Traditional Retailing, Sales or Production quotas for business alliances (MDs, Dealers, Retailers) and more structured internal policies.

Again, we are seeking for your continuous support.

Thank you.

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