Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ramblings About LoadXtreme

I was at the office today then I remembered I posted the amount Php200,000.00 in my last blog post. I realized it might send others scramming away from LoadXtreme. Well, don't. You don't need that much to start a business with LoadXtreme. All you need is Php300.00 if you want to become a retailer.

I was able to accumulate that much from a very small capital. With the fast turnover of funds in LoadXtreme, it is not that hard to reach the amount. I can say that amount is still small considering I do the business part-time, a few hours a day, sometimes just a few minutes to go to the bank to replinish my load wallet.

Why did I choose to be a dealer instead of just a retailer? I want to have a passive income. That is the main reason. I only need few minutes a day, twice or thrice a week, in order to manage the LoadXtreme business.


Anonymous said...

Fleur Your story? Very interesting......

Fleur said...

Yes, it is interesting. Your story is interesting too. :)