Friday, March 30, 2007

That is Business

It is no secret that aside from my LoadXtreme dealership, I own separate retailer SIM cards for both Globe and Smart. I am now quite familiar with the systems and adjust accordingly but there are still times when I get so frustrated because of extra expenses that can be avoided.

Want to know what I mean?

The Globe retailer SIM has a special menu encoded within so eloading transactions can be done. Last month, the menu for e-loading on my Globe retailer SIM ceased to function. I had the time to have it checked at their service center. The information given to me was that the SIM should be replaced and that I need to pay again another P270.00.

What?!?!? According to the CSR, the SIM is physically damaged. What?!?!? again. How come? I can use the regular functions such as call and text. How can the SIM be physically damaged? Was the program hard-coded? If it is then how come that it's only the e-loading function that is affected?

I have to choose. I still have quite an amount stored on my retailer SIM. It's like I am being forced to have my SIM replaced so I can dispose whatever is my current load wallet. I immediately decided to have it replaced.

Now, comes the next problem. The account is not registered under my own name as I bought it from a dealer. I do not have the authority to have the SIM replaced.
What's more disturbing is that I found out, the registered name is non-existent.

I told the dealer that if the SIM will be replaced, I want it registered under my name but he opposed it because of the many documentary requirements. So, there goes another P270.00 for a retailer SIM that I can not fully say I own.

That is business. Adjust or leave. Your choice.

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