Thursday, July 21, 2011

Account Migration of LoadXtreme Dealers / Retailers to VMobile System

There are still LoadXtreme dealers and retailers who have not migrated to the VMobile system. Some may have changed their mobile numbers and forgotten their PIKs. In order to continue your eloading business, you need to migrate to VMobile system. In order to migrate, you need to have a PLX ID, registered mobile number, and PIK. Here is the advise from the VMobile Customer Service.

We suggest that the concerned dealer / retailer (technousers) will be the one to request for a change of mobile #. We just need a letter of request with signature, copy of valid ID with signature of the original owner. Changes will be made within the day. Then we will send the PIK thru the new mobile#.

They may email it at or fax it at (632)7063818.

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