Wednesday, August 29, 2007

LoadXtreme Advisory: Preregister your LoadXtreme Dealer Account with A.C.E.S

Portal LoadXtreme recently migrated to the new A.C.E.S - Ace, Classic, Elite, Supreme - marketing plan. For dealers who were previously registered with LoadXtreme D2D program, you need to preregister with A.C.E.S. in order to earn from the new marketing plan. Preregistration is free.

You need to contact your upline or LoadXtreme Customer Service for your new S.A.N. (Sales Account Number) and P.P.S.C.

If you can't find your upline, I'd be very glad to assist you :) You may contact me using the contact information on the upper right side of the site.

New Portal LoadXtreme dealers are automatically registered with A.C.E.S.

Edit: Sept. 01, 2007
Preregistration is only for previously registered LoadXtreme dealers. Contact me only if you can not contact your upline

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