Saturday, June 30, 2007

GPS: A New Service from LoadXtreme

This is an update found on LoadXtreme website. With the past weeks' interruption in the service, I hope that this new service will make LoadXtreme a better company.

GPS: A New Step for Better, Bigger and Brighter LOADXTREME

Corporate News (06/29/2007)

On 03 July 2007, Tuesday, GPS platform with unlimited access to prepaid products 24/7 will be available to GPS-enrolled PLX Subscribers.

MDs, Dealers and Retailers may sign-up to GPS Platform simply by sending a sms-command: PLX GPS to LoadXtreme Access Number.

PLX Subscribers will receive a notification sms stating successful GPS sign-up. However, previous PLX Load balance will be transferred as LoadWallet Repayment Fund. Available PLX Loads will be set to its default value - zero (0). LoadWallet Repayment Fund (LRFund) is PORTAL’s liability to PLX Subscribers and
will be partially paid upon PLX Load replenishment.

Rest assured that we will keep on pushing innovations to further serve and deliver all premiums associated with LoadXtreme®.

Please refer below for Frequently Asked Question.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for Guaranteed Product Supply that will provide a long-term, sustainable and 24/7 uninterrupted product supply and availability for all OTAs and PIN-Based products to all LX Subscribers.

Who can join GPS?

All existing PLX members (MDs, Dealers, and Retailers) are entitled to join the GPS program. Also, all newly signed-up LX Dealers and Retailers are automatically activated under GPS platform.

How to join GPS program?

An existing member of PLX must send a command similar below


Example: PLX GPS 5412345678 123456

SEND to the assigned GATEWAY.

Note : Starting June 27, 2007, New registrants need not send the registration command as they are automatically enrolled in the GPS program upon their registration.

What will happen to the remaining balance of an existing PLX member once they activate to GPS?

The load wallet of an existing PLX Dealer/Retailer will automatically be converted from being an “Available Balance” into “LRFund (Loadwallet Repayment Fund) Balance”. In other words, the GPS enrollment will transfer an account’s existing balance into LRFund which will be the basis of the systems repayment in the future. The load wallet’s available balance would be reset to zero (0) but will still be usable when a Reload is made into the account’s load wallet.

How can I retrieve my Loadwallet that was transferred to the LRFund?

The balance on LRFund will be credited back to your load wallet depending on your next reload transaction. Each time you make a reload, 10% percent of your reload deposit will be deducted from your LRFund and credited to your available load wallet. For example, if you deposit P1,000.00, the system will automatically deduct the amount of P100.00 from your LRFund. Thus, your total replenished load wallet will be P1,100.00.

Why can’t we use our existing PLX Load Wallet Immediately?

GPS platform is a totally new system that will require new Load Wallet from your succeeding reload deposits thru any PORTAL’s accredited banks and/or PORTAL’s office cashier to ensure all PLX products available at all times.

Why GPS?

GPS is a long-term solution to your load retailing business and assured product availability for all our PLX Subscribers. This program aims to separate earnings instantly converted into load wallets of MLM members from legitimate Dealers/Retailers’ load wallet.

GPS will ensure the highest availability possible for OTA and PIN-Based products by securing the inventory from drastic and rapid usage brought about by the rampant conversion of D2D Earnings into loadwallet.

Why LRFund?

LRFund is a guaranteed commitment of PORTAL in fulfilling its obligations to all LX subscribers. It recognizes your remaining PLX Load wallet and gradually be transferred into your available load wallet balance. By putting your load wallet into LRFund, you help Portal in maintaining stable service and protect the entire business, including yours.

Why not convert all our LRFund in available load wallet for GPS platform?

If we allow conversion of the entire LRFund to your available load wallet, we would not be able to separate the converted D2D earnings from legitimate load wallet replenishments. This will defeat the purpose of guaranteeing product supply for which the GPS program is designed for.

Transfers of Load Wallets

Non-GPS PLX Subscribers are NOT allowed to TRANSFER load wallets to a GPS activated LX Subscribers.

GPS PLX Subscribers are NOT allowed to TRANSFER load wallets to a Non-GPS PLX Subscribers.

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