Sunday, April 8, 2007

LoadXtreme Technical Advisories

This is a technical advisory posted on LoadXtreme website.

Globe and Touch Mobile AutoloadMAX OTA Beta Test

Portal Innovations Corporation will enhance its GLOBE and TOUCH MOBILE AutoloadMAX Services. The enhancements of these services will give all PLX Subscribers a more reliable and faster OTA transactions.

The most appropriate time to conduct the BETA Test of OTA enhancements is from 4:00pm of 04 April 2007 (Wednesday) to 6:00pm of 10 April 2007 (Tuesday). This schedule will coincide with the earlier-announced PLX system service interruption due to Galleria Corporate Center’s Annual Preventive Maintenance Schedule (power and water supply) from 05 April 2007 and 07 April 2007.

All LoadXtreme products will be available to PLX Subscribers during the BETA Test period except GLOBE and TOUCH MOBILE AutoloadMAX OTA Products.

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