Monday, January 15, 2007

Interesting Facts regarding Portal Innovations Corp and Load Xtreme

I attended the orientation program for Load Xtreme last Saturday and Henry was the speaker. I brought along my daughter and considering at her young age, the 2-hours session would have been a restless moment. But with Henry speaking, I found her smiling and laughing with the other participants.

What interested most of us was when he mentioned that Portal Innovations Corporation. initially offered the system to Globe Telecoms but was turned down. The same system was offered to Smart and Smart grabbed the opportunity. The system is now being offered as the Smart Autoload. Later on, Globe also used the same system and is now known as Globe AutoloadMax. Portal Innovations owns the patent for providing prepaid loads to mobile users via SMS message. Portal Innovations Corporation is the power behind the success of Load Xtreme.

Henry also mentioned additional and interesting services for the year 2007 so join us now :)

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