Monday, July 9, 2012

VMobile Technopreneurs/Dealers: Check your MyLX Accounts for DTSBPC01

For all LoadXtreme/Vmobile Dealers or Technopreneurs who have not recently checked their myLX accounts and have credits, check your accounts now. Check if your account has a transaction DTSBPC01.

I opened my account this morning and I found out that 50% of my account balance was deducted. What?!?

What happened? I did not request withdrawal nor request for conversion.

Here is the screenshot

No email advisory, no text and no announcement on the main website were posted that they will be deducting anything from the accounts of the dealers/technopreneurs. This just means that they are up to something that is alarming.

The customer support I talked to could not fully explain as to why even the earnings of from previous months would be affected. If they are effecting a new compensation payment system for  VMobile dealers/technopreneurs, it should only affect the earnings after they issued an advisory. It was done to all the accounts with balance. But, they will still be rechecking. What?!? Recheck?!?

Shouldn't they checked the accounts first they did any deductions? But first and foremost, shouldn't they advised the account owners that they are deducting 50% from whatever balance that account has?

I have also emailed support and I'll keep you posted on this.


ella sanchez said...

Same thing happened to me. May I have their e-mail support so I will have a copy of the compliant I will do through e-mail. Thanks

Fleur said...

Hi Ella, I used the Contact Us form of the main website.