Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LoadXtreme Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for an update to this FAQ: VMobile / LoadXtreme Frequently Asked Questions. July 2011

Here is a list of LoadXtreme Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is LoadXtreme?

LoadXtreme is the first universal prepaid loading station that gives unlimited Prepaid discounts to registered members and let them earn additional income by introducing the program to their family, friends. Its a business that can be done anywhere and anytime even if a person does not own a mobile phone.

2. How to join LoadXtreme?

Just pay the corresponding fee for LoadXtreme retailer kit or LoadXtreme dealer kit to any registered dealer to get your ID and Subscriber Activation Code (SAC).

3. How much does it cost to become a Portal LoadXtreme retailer or Portal LoadXtreme dealer?

For LoadXtreme retailers, the kit costs Php300.00 or Php1,500.00.

For LoadXtreme dealers, the kit costs Php16,000.00.

4. How to pay for the kit?

Kits can be paid through bank deposit (Unionbank or BPI Express Cash preferable for international/provincial transactions to cut on transaction fees) or personal Meeting depending on the location and agreement.

5. What are the contents of the kit?

Retailer kit (P300.00) contains : 1 Pricelist, 1 Retailer Guide, a membership card.

Retailer kit (P1,500.00) contains : 1 Pricelist, 1 Retailer Guide, a membership card, Php500,000.00 Insurance coverage

Dealers kit contains:

60 retailer membership cards worth Php300.00 each (total amount of Php18,000.00)

60 retailer guides

60 price list

Php200.00 PLX Load Wallet

Php210,000.00 Aviva Accidental Insurance

PLX Dealer ID Card

1 pc LoadXtreme tarpaulin

2 pcs LoadXtreme posters

1 pad Aviva Certificate Insurance


Product Guide

Audio Visual Presentation VCD

6. How much discount can I get as a LoadXtreme user?

LoadXtreme users/members/retailers/dealers can get 10% to 28% discount on every load transaction depending upon the product used. The discount becomes earning once LoadXtreme is treated as business.

example: Smart 30 - P3.50 discount, Smart 115 - P13.00 discount

7. Can I join LoadXtreme even if I will not sell prepaid products?

Yes. You can use LoadXtreme benefits for personal discounts only.

8. Is there a monthly quota?


9. What is the difference between the Php300.00 LoadXtreme retailer kit and Php1,500.00 LoadXtreme retailer kit?

The Php300.00 LoadXtreme retailer kit has no insurance coverage.

The Php1,500.00 LoadXtreme retailer kit has a 1-year insurance coverage of Php500,000.00 and a retailer earns Php200.00 for every Php1,500.00 loadXtreme retailer kit disposed/sold.

10. What SIM can I use for LoadXtreme transactions?

Any actively used SIM can be used for LoadXtreme transactions.

11. Do I need to buy a new SIM?

No. You can use your old SIM.

12. Will I receive a new SIM when I join LoadXtreme?


13. Can my father, mother, sister, brother, husband, children or wife also sell prepaid products simultaneously?


14. Do I have to register their mobile numbers also?

No. Just share your PLX command, ID and PIK. Their transactions will be deducted from your own LoadXtreme load wallet and can be monitored via your online account.

15. If I lost my SIM, is my Load Wallet lost too?

No. Once your SIM is lost, change your PIK immediately in order to block access to your LoadXtreme account.

16. How much does a LoadXtreme dealer earns?

A LoadXtreme dealer earns 1% to 3% for every load transaction of his retailers. A LoadXtreme dealer also earns a minimum of Php3,000.00 for every LoadXtreme dealer who joins and an additional Php250.00 for every dealer who joins under up to the 10th level.

17. How can I replenish my LoadXtreme load wallet?

LoadXtreme load wallet can be replenished via deposits through designated banks and sending the corresponding SMS command.

LoadXtreme load wallet can also be replenished through transfer from LoadXtreme dealers or other LoadXtreme retailers.

18. Is there an expiry of my LoadXtreme load wallet?


19. Is there a required minimum deposit for LoadXtreme load wallet?

None but deposits less than Php500.00 will be charged
P1.00 only.

20. I want to join. How can I contact you?

You can contact me the following (personal number / YM)

Mobile Number: 63 919 636 0832 (Smart)

Yahoo Messenger : exchanger05

Or leave a comment on any post here with your email address or contact information


bheck017 said...

last January 28,2008, I was deposited to the BDO Ylaya branch worth 1,000.00 for my load. But I was very dissapointed becoz until now we have load. I'm affraid bka mawala na ung pera ko.. thank you

Fleur said...

My last post on has clearly stated that the office of LoadXtreme was closed. You can visit their office if you want to confirm this.

Fleur said...

According to VMobile Technologies Inc. customer service, their commitment to Portal is to eventually credit all the previous credits to our accounts but they require active participation in their current program to be included in the next lists of previous retailers/dealers who will be refunded. As to when they will refund, there is no definite period.